Kwikstage Decking

The Kwikstage Decking system is often used in residential and utility buildings. It is an excellent alternative to the material and labor intensive way of struts and wooden beams. The system provides steel primary beams optionally supplemented with infill beams (secondary beams). This makes wooden beams belong to the past. If the concrete slab is self-supportive, the ingenious drophead system allows you to lower the dish holding the primary (and secondary) beams while the standards stay in place as struts. The beams and connectors (and braces) between the standards can easily be removed and used for another pour resulting in significant material savings. 

The Kwikstage Decking System is designed for a load of 40 kN per leg and the drophead system reduces the dismantling time. As it is possible to continue building on the standards with a drophead, the system is ideal for handling differences in concrete levels and edge / gap protection solutions. The large distances between the standards (generally 2.40 meters) and the benefits of the drophead system will result in great labor savings.