Kwikstage Falsework

The Kwikstage Falsework system is widely used in concrete and civil engineering constructions. The system is particularly suitable for heavier loads (up to 75 kN per standard) or in situations in which the contractor intends to apply its own primary and/or secondary beams. Because of the large internal width of the U-heads double (wooden) secondary beams, or steel beams can be used. 

Our falsework system is similar to the scaffolding system which makes it very suitable to create a safe working place within the construction. The payment of the horizontal forces and stability are guaranteed by the unique Kwikstage Shoring system. Slopes and angles, both in the deck and on ground level, are no problem when applying Matemco's unique swivel plates and bases.

To maximize the benefits of Kwikstage Falsework, Matemco has developed the Dolphin, a laminated wooden beam which is extremely strong.