To supplement the Decking, Falsework and Scaffolding systems, Matemco has added a few special products and applications. Amoungst those you will find:
  • Kwikstage Shoring: Matemco's patented unique Shoring system consisting of Shoring ties and Shoring braces.
  • Ascent systems: Our Support and Scaffolding constructions offer a safe working place for loads of people on building sites. To safely reach this work place, Matemco has developped several (easily hoistable) freestanding stair towers and scaffold stairs.
  • Hoisting & rolling: Matemco invented hoisting scaffolds and support constructions. The system is also well suited to rolling the constructions from one location to the other.
  • Dolphins: These extremely strong laminated wooden beams carry huge loads and are tailor made for our Falsework system.
  • Megashor: If the maximum load of 75 kN per standard is insufficient, we can offer you a Megashor solution with leg loads up to 1,000 kN.